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McElvaneys Aid Schools in Green Flag Quest!!

School tours are offered free of charge to both Primary and Secondary schools in Co. Monaghan and  Co. Cavan. It helps to give students an in depth knowledge of Recycling and its importance. Many schools participate in the Green schools programme and they come to the Centre to get a tour and learn about recycling and what happens to the various materials after they are sent from the Recycling centre for recycling. Tours are limited to 30 students at a time. This is to ensure that everyone can see and hear what is going on and also for health & safety reasons.

Students are informed of the importance of recycling and composting and the effects of littering.

The tour normally lasts one hour depending on how many questions the students ask which is normally a lot as they are very eager for information on recycling. The students are taken on a walk around the site and shown all the materials accepted, what is done with them on site, where they go after they leave the centre and what is done with them then. At the end of the tour the students are brought up to a safe viewing area to see what happens in a typical MRF (Material Recycling Facility). This gives them a great insight to all the materials being separated and baled, ready for loading onto trucks to head off to Dublin, then further afield to the likes of China and India for recycling. (Please note that the MRF is at the Scotch Corner Site only).

We encourage students to recycle both at school and at home and pass the recycle message onto their parents about all the different materials that are accepted at the recycle centre. For parents with a household refuse collection we advise them on all the different materials that they can put in their recycle bin and for the materials that they cant, to bring them to the centre.

Leaflets on recycling and composting are readily available in the reception area for the students to help them with their various projects. Finally before getting back on the bus to head back to school each pupil is given an information pack as reward for all the interest they have shown in learning how to recycle and the importance of doing so. This pack includes a ruler, a pen manufactured from recycled plastic packaging a wheel bin shaped pencil sharpener, a leaflet on recycling and a lollipop.

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