Garden Composters

Garden Composting

Compost Bins

Compost bins can be obtained at any of our Recycling Centre's for a fee of €80 and this includes a Free kitchen caddy.

The kitchen caddy is used to carry your vegetable peelings, coffee grinds, egg shells etc out to the bottom of your garden to place in your compost bin. The booklet is a home guide to composting and gives a simple and effective guideline on how to get started, what ingredients to use and how to maintain your compost so as you get the best from your home compost bin.


Benefits of composting

The are many benefits to composting

  1. Householders who use a pay by weight method to dispose of their rubbish, like those of McElvaneys can help to reduce their bill even further by putting the many biodegradable items that they are putting in their waste bin into their compost bin.
  2. You get a nice rich compost for your plants, hanging baskets or a rockery and again you are saving money by not having to buy compost.
  3. Reduces waste going to landfill and as these are in scarce supply it is important to minimise the amount being landfilled.
  4. Reduces greenhouse gases by reducing the burning of waste.
  5. Improve soil fertility.